You Need To Suck More!

Kelly Barrett
4 min readOct 9, 2020


I had a HUGE realization when I finally decided to go all in with Business Coaching…

Although, I knew teaching other entrepreneurs was something that lit me and made me feel ALIVE, it all felt overwhelming to me. Starting from scratch, re-branding myself, ditching my old identity, learning new skills, strategies, creating a framework, etc. etc, …

One of the things that freed myself from this was noticing my thoughts, emotions and action…

I’d have a fearful thought that I’d fail or suck at it, that people were going to judge me, I’d let people down, etc. etc. and I’d start to feel anxious or stressed about it. Instead of taking action and proving my self right, I’d retreat. I’d push the thought aside or do anything to make it disappear — Grab my phone, dig into work, grab a snack?!

Has this happened to you? Starting a health / fitness routine? A new hobby? Job? Being a parent?

Maybe you’re afraid that <Gasp> if you’re not good at it — maybe you shouldn’t have tried at all and wasted your time. You’re afraid of disappointing yourself, others, failing, you won't good, you’re not worthy of success, who will you be without your current identity, etc. etc.

Welp, let’s stop this nonsense so that you can shoot for 6 figures, launch your own program, build your brand, find your people, gain new clients, whatever it is YOU want to do with a couple of quick actionable tips…

First, remind yourself that everyone needs to start somewhere. Period

Second, learn to embrace the suck! Just get over it that you’re not going to be good the first time you do ANYTHING! Remember when you took your first steps? Of course you don’t, but spoiler alert — you fell down. Remember when you made your first meal from scratch, social media post, played a new sport, first day you tried to figure out something out, first day on the job, etc. etc. Did you nail it?

Likely not and you’re not supposed to. That’s why the word PRACTICE was invented. Everytime you try something new or “fail” at someting see that as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. To change, grow, shift and evolve, pivoting into who you really are or are becoming!

Instead of being afraid to suck, that ever picture Insta story or reel is perfect, show authenticity, show your audience that you’re learning new things, too!

People love to follow real people so if you’re only showing the highlight reel and afraid to try something new, learn a new skill, launch a program, go out on your own, etc. than this is what is keeping you STUCK! And when you show them that you’re not “on” or “good” at everything you touch, you become much more relatable and likable and inspire others to do things and take risks.

By you showing that you did something and sucked at it, it gives others permission to do the same and that it’s OK to be imperfect and focus more on progress.

So, what’s on your mind and heart? What’s the “thing” you really want to do? That nagging voice in your head or the thing that bubbles up and gives you the warm and fuzzies or makes you smile for no reason?

The things that are on your heart are there because you were meant to do them. You were given these thoughts and gifts for a reason! You were told to try things for a reason, you’re reading this blog for a reason. I don’t believe these thoughts are random, I believe it’s intuition and grace.

Listen to what I think grace is: Be Graceful

If you had random thoughts, than you’d have a desire to be an astronaut, an engineer or a plastic surgeon, but you don’t. You want to be a coach, a course creator, an entrepreneur and that was given to you for a reason because it was meant for you.

I once saw a quote that said, “If prayer if you talking with God, than intuition is God talking to you!”

Makes sense, right? And if you’re too afraid of sucking at it so you never listen {or quite} those whispers, you’re kinda telling God {Universe, Angels, Higher Power, Goddess, Buddha, etc.} like, Nah, I care more about looking good or being comfortable than in delivering on the purpose and messages you’ve given me.

Stop doing that.

Today, do something you don’t feel confident with. Try doing something in your business you’re afraid to do. Something you’re afraid to learn.

Try it, you’re going to see that you didn’t die and likely inspired someone or made them feel seen, heard, or smile. You may have sucked and there’s a chance that you’re not going to suck and you’re a natural. Regardless, keep doing it, keep trying new things and sucking it until you’re good at it and then if it’s your purpose, you’re going to teach others how to do it.

And all of this means is that you’ll keep learning and keep developing into the Best Version — The Most Fit and Free Version Of You!

So, I’m going to continue to trying new things that I know I’m not going to be good at so that I can turn around and teach them to you.

Do something today, post about it on Instagram and tag me @kellywoodward_

Until Next Time…

xo, Kelly

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