Why Things Haven’t Been Working Out For You

Kelly Barrett
3 min readJun 3, 2021


If Things Haven’t Been Working Out For You In Your Attempt To Create or Teach Habits of Health or Success that Stick, I completely understand.

You see, things were like this for me as well and at times I felt like a fraud because I wasn’t 100% “practicing what I preach.”

Thinking that ​I knew what I needed to do, I just needed to do it was the key to​ creating true change in my life and business, I’d dive right in head first.

I’d go all in with waking up earlier, sharing my message and showing up more on social media, reaching out to more people, jumping in all the groups, on all the zoom calls — just like I did every other time I tried, failed and burnt out.

After​ years of spinning my wheels, I was left feeling jaded, demoralized, and I didn’t see how I could ever ​build a sustainable business.

So, let me tell you why most people don’t end up ​succeeding at entrepreneurship or building a successful Coaching business because they don’t have what it takes or the time or whatever other false truth they’re telling themselves…

First, ​they don’t fix what’s “unhealthy” in their own life. Think about it — If one area in your life is unhealthy {think relationships, finances, health, career, personal growth, etc.}, it’s going to throw everything off. And how can you build a sustainable health and fitness business if one area of your life is unhealthy?

For me even though my message was authentic, I may have subconsciously felt like a little bit of a fraud that my marriage was unhealthy, finances a mess, couldn’t set time boundaries to save my life and so that “fraudulent” energy could have been what I was giving off. Make sense?

Second, ​they don’t work on building a rock solid mindset so that when life knocks you down or the negative self trash talk, comparison, rejection or guilt tries to pipe in, you can pivot and stay the course.

Third, ​they don’t focus on creating habits and routines that stick in their life, personally & professionally.

So, you see — It is really not your fault, so enough with the self doubt, OK!

It’s just the way things are… Until you realize that ignoring working on yourself, your mindset and your habits / routines so that everything in your life is healthy and complimenting each other, many will become frustrated trying to​ build a successful online business.

So, let’s work together and change things!

You need someone to guide you and show you the correct way forward.

Pick me! Pick Me! haha If you don’t mind, of course. I have navigated all of these obstacles and know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Make sure to follow for the next story where I will go through ​how to eliminate the distractions that are standing in between you and all the health, happiness, productivity and success you deserve!

xo, Kelly

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