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I’ll never forget the day I said I’m DONE! There has to be a better way! For 5 years, I had big hopes and dreams of building a sustainable career and income from home inside of an MLM.

I wanted to be present with my family, for my life to be less chaotic. I wanted to build a big team and help other women find their voice, create their freedoms and get UNSTUCK, too! I wanted to create a movement and be my own success story.

The thing is, I was struggling! A year earlier, even though I was barely getting by financially… I left Corporate America thinking if I had more time to build my online business, I’d be able to replace my Full Time income. Despite all the promises I made to myself and my husband, it never happened.

To make things worse, my team was quitting, I was spending MORE time working, less time with my family or doing the things I love. And it felt like I only heard from my mentor when I was dropping rank {*Kicks Pebble}. My family was getting impatient. I was becoming distant and defeated. I felt like I was losing my integrity, friends and family, asking myself if it was worth it?!

After 5 years of doing what I was told to build my business — I was still spinning my wheels, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick.

The problem was that even though I left Corporate America and had “more time” to work my business while my kids were at school, I was still doing the same things I was told to do — things like send prospecting messages via social media, follow-up foreverrrrr, send friend requests, follow / unfollow, build rapport with strangers, fake it ‘til you make it while also being authentic… hhmmm.

I thought if I just worked a little more, pushed a little harder, sent more messages, showed up more on social media that I’d have my big break.

And then one day I. Was. Done. I held my head in my hands willing myself to send messages to people that weren’t responding to me and I couldn’t. I said out loud, there has to be a better way.

The way I saw it was that I had 2 options — #1 Quit and let the naysayers win and always be filled with the what if, regret & feelings of failure OR #2 Find a better way.

I’m a bit competitive and felt like all of the time, effort and money I had invested would have been for nothing if I quit so I decided to do some research, take courses, find new mentors and learn all I could about social media marketing. To learn how to build and automate an online business.

It was MIND BLOWING to me and now crystal clear how to have new people to talk to everyday without sending prospecting messages.

A lightbulb went off — I was never taught sales or effective marketing, how to find a new audience, how to identify new potential markets or how to gracefully take a “no” from a prospect.

As a result, I found a better, smarter, more professional way to build my wellness business online that ANY business or Entrepreneur could benefit from! I started making money again, gaining support from my family, meeting new people and connecting with women that were just like me.

Suddenly, people starting filling out my applications and applying to work with me and that felt GOOD! Finally, I was really PROUD of what I was doing!

That’s when I realized that the secret to success in building or scaling an online business was in a social media marketing & recruiting framework.

My plan was to implement what I was doing in my business to build my team and help more women with their health and fitness.

So I started to build my brand, creating new content and adding value in the health and fitness space on social media, but I didn’t stop there. I started building and adding value to my email list… finally.

But there was still a problem…

While I rebuilt and rebranded, I still had a family to take care of. I still had to continue to build my business the “old way” to bring in income and to help my existing clients. I had a small team that felt stuck, too and honestly it was SCARY and unnerving starting over from SCRATCH after 5 years.

We needed a Framework to Build Our Businesses!

I knew if I wanted to help others and be duplicatable, to have women want to join me, I had to teach them this, too. So, I created a platform and course that would make it really easy for others that wanted to learn how to launch, scale or rebuild their business BETTER — With automation!

I thought if I could recreate something that would make it possible for others to get unstuck in a few short weeks — To stop chasing, to stop getting ghosted and faking it till they made it, to build rapport on autopilot, to build authority in their marketplace, ALL Wellnesspreneurs would be really happy.

After a few months and tapping out my time and resources, I created Fit and Free Framework.

After creating this framework, I was not only able to help and bring in more people to talk to, but bring in consistent income without sending prospecting messages or doing things that felt gross or forced.

I’ve been able to stop spending so much time with my nose in my phone because I can now put my business on autopilot. I get more engagement on my posts and have people filling out my applications to work with me. Its. The. Best!

And in the end, all of this means is I’ve been able to create more time for the things and people that matter the most!

If you’ve ever felt like I have, there is a better way and my hope is that you find this blog provides you with valuable content and time saving tips to build a life and business you enJOY!

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