How To Stop Going Through The Motions

Kelly Barrett
2 min readOct 15, 2020

Are you going through the motions, barely surviving?

Always multi-tasking or onto the next thing? Going through your day like a zombie on autopilot or out of {sometimes not the best} habits? Keep reading to get out of this rut …

Because going through the motions is the same as standing still.

Let me explain… If you’re checking off boxes, sometimes with little or no passion or purpose, you’re really not making much progress on the goals or commitments you’ve made, right?

You’re not really FEELING what you’re doing in the present moment, right? The way I see it is what’s the point of making a commitment to yourself or to growing your business if there’s no emotion behind it?!

Commitment: (n) The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to some course of action

Or maybe that’s one of your problems. Have you lost passion and enthusiasm for some aspect of your business, maybe something that’s got you logically thinking there: There has to be a better way?!

So, how do you get better at honoring your commitments and promises you make to yourself?

Be INTENTIONAL — with your time & energy.

You get to choose how you walk through your day, everyday actions, tasks and how you want to feel.

So set an intention for you day, meaning literally state, journal, write down, pray or meditate, etc. on what you intend to do today!

Maybe it’s to be present or intentional with your time or control what you can control. Maybe it’s look for the positive, the lessons or give yourself grace. Maybe it’s thinking outside of the box, trying something new or reaching out to someone for help that’s achieved someone you want for yourself!

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Intentions are personal and if you really can’t think of something, I’ll leave you with this…

In between Virtual teaching, side hustles, goals, work, adulting, social distancing, etc. there’s L.I.F.E…

L Look

I Interally

F For

E Everything

She’ll always steer you right!

Helping you become Fit and Free — Mind, Body & Business

Until next time…

xo, Kelly



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