Find Out How REAL Network Marketers (Like Us) Are Building Our MLM Without Sending Prospecting Messages

Wellnesspreneurs, I get it: You want new people to talk to everyday, BUT you don’t want to send friend requests / follows to strangers or randomly pop into their messenger inbox.

I know this because I was you. Phew. Feels good to let that go and if this has happened to you by me or someone else, I’d like to apologize. We don’t think you need to lose weight or have bad hair or skin or teeth or trying to sell ya on anything!

Ya see, I found something that helped changed my life and couldn’t help but pay it forward. I had big hopes and dreams of helping people and saw an opportunity to also build a thriving business from home.

These are some of the tactics we’re taught to do and I didn’t know any other way to build my business — YET!

Despite doing more and more reach outs, I was struggling with little to no growth. Doing more also meant more time away from my family which made me feel terrible, like a failure and like anything I did was never enough! Have you been there?

Someone sent me one of these thinly veiled messages one day and I cringed. I held my head in my hands and said I’M DONE! I couldn’t will myself to do this anymore!

I was faced with two choices. I could quit, give up, which meant I’d have to go back to Corporate America OR I could find a better way.

So I opened up my wallet, hired new mentors, enrolled in trainings & social media marketing courses, researched what successful entrepreneurs were doing so I could give it one final go.

I was eager to make changes in my business, to help more and grow my income, but I had to comb through strategies, marketing and techy stuff. Testing and trying out what worked and what didn’t was challenging at time and I had to flex my patience muscle.

But in the end, I now have a found and implemented a better, professional way to build an online business without sending prospecting messages, random friend or follow requests.

And now I feel good and PROUD of the way I build my business and it also means more time for the people and things that matter the most!

I honestly feel like it would be selfish if I kept this to myself which is what led me to hosting a training to teach this framework to others that have been in my shoes.

My biggest advice to move the needle in your business is to invest time and money in learning how to market it correctly. Starting and scaling a business requires an investment, but the payoff will be oh so worth it!

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See you on the inside!

Kelly ✌🏼



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