Burnt Out or Riding The Struggle Bus?

Kelly Barrett
2 min readJun 2, 2021


If You’re Burnt Out Or Struggling, Thinking You Need To Be More Productive or Better With Your Time, You Actually Need This…

Are you constantly pushing harder, doing more, adding more to your plate or saying yes to everything and everyone {except yourself}…

And as a result feeling exhausted, overly stressed, burnt out or losing your motivation, drive or passion?

Or, maybe you feel like you can’t catch a break — The hits keep coming?

If you said yes to any of that, it’s time to take a break… To disconnect, clear your head or reflect + recharge.

Coming from a multi-passionate Entrepreneur that after years of constantly over scheduling myself, putting my own needs on the back burner and as a result turning into a workaholic, feeling like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown… Can you relate?

Whenever this happens, I’ve learned to give my mind / body / family / business what it needs before I break!

If this is hard for you, like it used to be for me, here’s a couple of things to remember…

1.) It’s OK to take a break. You’re resting, not quitting.

2.) Create the habit of taking daily and weekly breaks to unplug, walk away from the computer, be present, turn off notifications, giving yourself 30–60 minutes of your undivided attention, move your body, go outside, not adding more to-dos to your list until you finish the last, saying no thanks, but I’ll take a rain check, etc.

3.) You will come back better, stronger, with clarity and renewed energy. Taking a break can lead to your breakthrough and you want that, right?

Next thing you know, you created a lifestyle you actually enJOY and you’ll spend more time doing the things you want to do and BE the person that makes you happy!

It FEELS GOOD to be that person, right?

Until next time…

Helping you become Fit and Free — Mind, Body & Business!

xo, Kelly

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