A Big Mistake You’re Making In Building Your Network Marketing Team

Kelly Barrett
3 min readOct 13, 2020

My upline used to tell me, you just need to find your 5 Rockstars. I’ve heard other MLMs, say, “You just need you + 3!”

I was so desperate to build a big thriving team, to gain besties and a family, to get that residual income flowing so thtat I could spend less time working, to prove the naysayers wrong and so that’s what I did — Always on the hunt for my next “Rockstar.”

The right person, my tribe the hustler, the go-getter just like me. I just needed to do more, reach out to more people, keep searching hashtags, follow unfollow, send friend requests and building fake rapport with people that “looked” like me with the hopes of magically hitting it off and learning that they secretly wanted to build an online business.

Truth was, while I was busy banging my pots and pans looking for new people, I wasn’t paying attention to the strengths of the people I did have on my team or prove the right training.

Think about it — Is the only reason the starting quarterback successful because he has his offensive line?

NOPE! He’s got his defense, his trainers, chef, family, paid sponsors, he has endorsements, the fans in the stadium, his VIPs that buy anything with his name on it or follow him wherever he goes, the people tailgating in the parking lot and the people watching from home.

You need a well-rounded team and everyone matters.

Instead of teaching them tactics, teach them personal development.

Instead of providing them with outdated scripts, provide them with love, certainty and significance.

Instead of teaching them how to send prospecting messages, teach them how to add value.

Instead of teaching them how to build their following, teach them how to build a brand.

Instead of teaching them to follow arbitrary rules and do what everyone else does, teach them how to create a vision for their business.

Instead of teaching them to build a list of 100, teach them to build an email list.

Otherwise — They’ll start off strong posting on social, but that might be where it will kinda stop. Once they didn’t see success quickly, they’ll say it wasn’t for them. They didn’t want to reach out to people and had a hard time staying consistent.

And, looking back, I don’t blame them. It was exhausting, embarrassing. I should have quit, but I didn’t because I just knew there had to be a better way and I’m so grateful that I didn’t stop looking until I found it and that I’m now able to pay it forward and teach other eager Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Networkers like you!

Ya see, I failed at a lot before learning this! In fact, it took for me to completely stop what I was doing and implementing new strategies consistently into my business to change my story and earn a real income.

To kick it all off and understand the importance of each of these strategies, I invested in learning Intentional Marketing, getting mentorship and taking consistent action.

If you want to gain some strategies on how to be duplicatable and build your team better, check out the Intentional Marketing Challenge by clicking here!

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xo, Kelly

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