11 Ways To EXCEL In Your Business

Kelly Barrett
3 min readOct 8, 2020

Someone recently asked me with an sad face and tone, “How’s your business holding up with everything going on in the world?” and I replied back to their dismay, EXCELLENT!

“I completely flipped my business, methodology, team, strategies and focus upside down, started from scratch with EXPERIENCE and I’m so EXCITED about it!”

Stuttering and hesitantly, “Wow, that’s great…g g good for you?!”

And I get it, the old me would have been scared shitless to start over from scratch and truthfully, I was and I held onto old aspects in my business for awhile. I was fearful I’d lose followers because they knew me as the health and fitness person, not the business strategist. I felt like I’d be doing them a disservice transitioning into sharing my expertise in business and less of health / fitness advice.

I was fearful I didn’t know enough, have the right credentials, was worthy enough or that people wouldn’t care what I had to say — or I wouldn’t have anything to say.

I had all of these crazy, self doubting ideas in my head. Truth — I don’t have all the answers, but I’m coachable and I’m constantly EDUCATING myself, EVOLVING and EXPANDING.

What I do know is that I love ENCOURAGING other women and seeing them succeed. I love EMPOWERING them to take action. Watching them find their identity and walk their authentic path, attracting their tribe and accomplishing goals they never dreamed they could accomplish is just the BEST!

I love seeing them ENGAGE in our communitites and get EXCITED by small wins — and teaching them to turn turn their fear to EXCITEMENT. This is what builds their confidence to keep going with the faith and belief that more is possible.

I love teaching them to expand within themselves and their network will naturally expand. I love seeing them connect their why, goals and vision for their business with an EMOTION and triggering that in others.

I love pouring my ENERGY into Coaches, networkers and entrepreneurs and teaching them what will build their energy and what will steal from it.

And so I made a choice to take a chance to go ALL IN and STRIVE for EXCELLENCE as a business coach because this is what GIVES ME ENERGY and I was READY for CHANGE!

If you want to EXCEL in your business, STRIVE for EXCELLENCE. For me the word excellence is made up of a 11 E’s…

Expand: Work on expanding within, on your own personal growth and your network with naturally grow.

Excitement: Your body responds to fear and excitement the same so simply tell yourself you’re excited and others will be able to feel your enthusiasm.

Energy: Learn what gives you energy and what steals it. Do whatever it takes to keep the positive feel good energy flowing!

Empower: Surround yourself with people that empower you to take action and you’ll do the same for others.

Encourage: Encourage yourself and you’ll get better at encouraging others.

Emotion: Connect with the emotions of how your want your life, business, team, etc. to look and FEEL like and you will trigger emotion in others.

Educate: Continue to learn about yourself. The more aware and conscious you are, you will be able to educate others on how to solve their problems and overcome their pain and fears.

Engage: Genuinely engage with the communities and brand that FEEL right to you and you connect with and they will engage back.

Entertain: What did you do that made you smile or laugh today? Pay it forward to others.

Evolve. Are you evolving or revolving? Are you willing to grow, change, let go of the past, embrace the new or stuck in old habits, perspectives and ways?

Experience: Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time you’re starting over from experience.

Check your E’s today and everyday and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be EXCELLING in no time! And if you’re lookinig for somoene and someting to keep you accountable to implementing this, check out my Freedom Marketing Academy

I’m so enthusiastic about it becauase really is quite excellent! <OK, I’ll stop with the E’s now hahaha>

Until next time…

Helping you become Fit and Free — Mind, Body and Business

xo, Kelly

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