10 Sales Made Less Scary Steps To Increase Your Impact

“Sales? Ewww Gross — I’m not a sales person nor do I want to be. I just want to help people,” is something I used to say.

And then I eduated myself about sales and marketing and learned that buying process is simply finding, qualifying and ultimately selling {or not} your product / service / opportunity to your ideal clients and then following up. You do that already in your prospecting & conversations, right?

The way I see it now is that my time, knowledge, experience and expertise is valuable and will serve other people, making a major impact on their life and business so why not make an impact and living doing what I love and I’m passionate about?

If we can help someone solve their problems, pain or overcome their fears, why do we feel badly charging for it? Priests get paid, so don’t therapists, make-up artists, hair stylists, physical therapists, babysitters, etc. Just because what you do is unconventional, doesn’t mean it’s not so unbelievably valuable!

My passion and purpose actually inspires me to over deliver and I think especially if you’re in Network Marketing that your upline is doing you a disservice by telling you, you don’t have to learn sales or marketing. In my opinion, it’s false advertising!

But, I get it — The subject of sales is so touchy amongst entrepreneurs and since I’m all about creating new ways to make it easier for your brand and businesses to make it’s impact, meaning finding ways to make it easier for you to get their products, services and offers in the hands of the right people {AKA Sales & Marketing}, I came up with 10 Sales Made Less Scary Tips for you!

Because you’ve got big dreams and a business that can impact so many lives, so you can’t keep it for yourself. People are waiting for a leader that shows up and looks and talks exactly like they do, so stop being scurd, would ya!

OK, here’s my top 10 Sales Made Less Scary Tips

  1. Why Should Your Audience Pay Attention? Capturing your audience’s attention is what will draw them into you whether it’s via text, audio or video. Ask a question that your ideal client will relate and want to respond to. Think of a “headline” that’s true and will catch them off guard, be the opposite of what other people say / think or will simply connect with them.
  2. Why Should Anyone Listen? What’s your experience, what have you overcome, what’s your expertise? Did you live through or overcome something that gave you a different perspective? This doesn’t have to necesarily be letters at the end of your name or some other accolade, it could simply be that you’ve dug in the trenches and helped other people do it, too!
  3. Tell Your Story. Most people are unable to grow their business because they are simply focused on the external. Do this, lose weight. Apply this, lose acne. Do this, grow your business, but those that figure out how to connect with their ideal client’s problems, fears and emotions will gain loyal customers for life.
  4. Break It Down. What is your product / service / opportunity and who is it for and why and conversely be honest with what is your offer is NOT and who is it NOT for. This seems weird to “repel” people, but it’s essential and will save both of you from wasting time and reassure your ideal clients.
  5. Present Value Correctly. People automatically “shut down” when they hear a number. No number is ever going to be “right!” Compare your prices to others, what more of YOU can you give someone to add more value to your offer.
  6. Be Confident In Your Price. This is where you everything you’ve learned comes together with the gifts you’ve been given. This is their gain and your chance to make an impact.
  7. Testimonials. People will relate to the stories of others. They want to see if this can work and if you can help them. If you have them, flaunt them. Testimonials often puts people over the edge because they see themselves in their story.
  8. Create a Sense of Urgency. People will never click purchase if there is no deadline. Period.
  9. Give Peace of Mind. People need reassurance that their investment of time and money will be worth it. If you’re using a sales page / funnel, make sure to include videos thank you them and explaining the transformation they’re about to have. Some type of money-back guarantee is always very helpful, too.
  10. Ask For The Sale. At some point you will need to ask for the sale, nicely and in a way that makes it effortless and easy for your ideal client to enroll. If you never ask, they’ll purchase from someone else that did.

You have so much to offer people and I hope that now you see that selling yourself isn’t as scary as you think it is. This is the how I teach you how to build and scale your business and brand, but in WAY more detail in my Freedom Marketing Academy. If you’re looking for a professional way to market your online business and to finally have someone invest in you and show you that you have so much value to offer, you should check it out!

Helping you become Fit and Free — Mind, Body & Business

xo, Kelly

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Kelly Barrett

Kelly Barrett

Get my FREE Guide To Creating The Habits of Happiness, Health, Productivity + Success! https://www.fitandfreewithkelly.com/habits

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